The Hamilton Neuro-Immune Treatment Centre is a Centre of Excellence that brings together state-of-the-art resources for care, assessment, treatment,

Based on recent scientific findings, the concept of immune dysregulation as a medical disease process in many childhood neuro-cognitive disorders is an emerging reality.

Whether or not the etiology of this dysfunction is related to environmental factors, we now have a medical hypothesis that can facilitate the definition of clinical sub-groups and lead to the treatment of our children without first determining the specific origin or etiology.

We are in the midst of an epidemic, literally a worldwide pandemic with a medical/disease origin and this knowledge opens an innovative, optimistic pathway to new medical treatments and understanding for a large number of children.

The HNITC plans to expeditiously facilitate access to new and existing clinical and pharmaceutical therapies for children with neurological dysfunctions as well as increase the public’s awareness of the potentially optimistic prognosis for affected children if they are offered the appropriate medical, rehabilitative and educational interventions in a timely and coordinated fashion.