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Lisa M. Stephenson
Lisa M. StephensonPresident & Chair

Lisa M. Stephenson founded the Hamilton Neuro-Immune Treatment Centre of Excellence and currently serves as President and Chair of the Board of Directors. Lisa, a graduate of the University of Toronto, has continued her post-graduate studies in education and is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) with an additional qualification in Autism-Communication.

When Lisa’s son was diagnosed with autism 8 years ago, she embarked on an independent research project to prove something she knew in her heart but doctors dismissed – that her son’s “autism” was caused by an underlying illness and related to the health problems that plagued his brother and her family for generations.

Lisa has spent the past 8 years diligently researching and analyzing the emerging medical research on autism and related neuro-immune disorders. Her methodical research skills and a keen eye for detail have enabled Lisa to assist her oldest son in a complete recovery from ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, chronic fatigue/illness, PANDAS/PANS, asthma and anaphylactic mold allergy, and her youngest son, who was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of two, regain most lost skills and enjoy improved health and a better quality of life.

“My success in recovering my own children has prompted my decision not to return to the classroom, as it is just too painful for me to attempt to educate the ever-expanding number of children coming into the school system with debilitating immune-mediated conditions that are preventing them from achieving academic success and learning life skills that most children learn almost instinctively.  I feel that I can better serve these children and their families outside of the classroom so I am now working to give all individuals with neuro-immune dysfunctions health, happiness and the future they deserve”.

Marry Ann
Maryann KenfeljaVice-President

I have always believed one is to live a life of dedication towards the good will and betterment of fellow man. My career path has given me an opportunity to be invited into the lives of my clients, forging friendships and allowing me an intimate view of their daily struggles, triumphs, tears and joys.

I had met Lisa Stephenson and immediately clicked. We began talking about life and the health of her son, her family’s challenges, health issues, and what she has done to forge ahead in finding a true solution not just for her own, but for all people afflicted with Neuro-Immune disorders.

I was greatly impressed by Lisa’s dedication and knowledge, she is invincible! I felt the need to play a part in her story and plight to create a future where no childhood will be lost to a horrific and insidious medical condition that society has mistakenly believed is a psychiatric one. Neuro-Immune issues need our attention, research and funding. I am beyond proud to be working by Lisa’s side to build the Hamilton Neuro-Immune Treatment Centre Of Excellence and to work towards a cure for the debilitating conditions associated with Neuro-Immune Dysfunction.

Lorraine Johnson
Lorraine JohnsonSecretary & Treasurer

Lorraine currently serves on the Hamilton Neuro-Immune Treatment Centre’s First Board of Directors. Lorraine comes to the HNITC with extensive experience in project management, strategic planning and leadership, with a focus in health and residential care. Throughout her professional career, she has also served on a number of volunteer committees and has been involved in raising funds to support a variety of causes in support of childhood cancer and adult health support services.

Lorraine has developed a dynamic understanding for, and commitment to, the collaborative process and the successful translation of concept into finished product. While always striving to improve upon her knowledge and expertise, Lorraine’s practical knowledge and extensive training in philanthropy make her an indispensable asset to any organization.

Lorraine’s mantra is…
“At the end of the day and my life’s journey, I want to know that I made a positive impact on the quality of lives of others.”