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Based on our powerful understanding of pediatric neurological dysfunctions, the Hamilton Neuro-Immune Treatment Centre of Excellence will transform the lives of individuals experiencing significant levels of pain, stress and anguish rather than prescribing mind-altering medications or providing “therapy” to “cope” with various types of “problematic” behaviour.

The HNITC will be a one-stop assessment, treatment, therapy and education centre for affected individuals and their families. We will be the first establishment of its kind to offer the opportunity for children and youth affected by neuro-immune dysfunctions to receive medical treatment that will alleviate the debilitating symptoms associated with these conditions and improve physical and mental health.


The Hamilton Neuro-Immune Treatment Centre is the world’s first premier, six-suite private facility that will enable children suffering with neuro-immune dysfunctions to achieve “optimal outcomes” and enjoy a better quality of life through the delivery of medically-based treatment.

Our residents receive personalized, confidential care in a comfortable, elegant setting. The HNITC offers the latest, evidence-based assessment and treatment approaches informed by leading researchers and medical professionals from around the globe.

Our clinical programs provide a continuum of care that includes assessment, inpatient residential care, medical treatment, rehabilitative therapy, day hospital services, health, stress and nutrition counselling, research and development, as well as continued out-patient medical care, family education and support, consultation, and specialty services.


We must act now to secure a brighter future for future generations. It is long past time that we revisit the principles of “preventative medicine,” rather than continue practicing reactive health management.

Gone are the days of prescribing children powerful, mind-altering medications, the long-term consequences of which have never been studied. Gone are the days of forcing children and their families to wait years for government-funded services. Gone are the days of wasting tax-payers’ money on useless studies and ineffective committees that do nothing to improve our children’s quality of life. And gone are the days of costly genetic analysis and unsuccessful interventions at the expense of immunology, gastrointestinal, infectious disease and toxicology medically based research.

Now is the time to learn from the past, take action in the present, and build for our future. Now is the time to take the current research and translate it into proper care, medical treatment, and prevention. Now is the time to embrace change, shine a light on the immune system and bring scientific authority to a misunderstood disease. With Hamilton at the helm, Canada is poised to take a proactive stance, heal our children and empower the next generation to lead us further into the future.